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What is a School Counselor? 

For Students: A trusted adult who helps identify barriers impeding academic, social/emotional, and future career success. This is done in part by: 

  1. Classroom Lessons
  2. Small Group Counseling- typically held during student lunches
  3. Short-term counseling
  4. Adhering to the Ethical Standards set by the American School Counseling Association

School counselors listen in a non-judgemental manner regarding a wide array of topics, including, but not limited to peer conflicts, academics, future career preparation, anger, coping skills, suicidal ideations, and/or bullying reports. School Counselors are bound by the restrictions of confidentiality, in which confidentiality would be broken, if the student shares thoughts of harming themselves, another individual, or if someone is harming s/he, or if the student gives permission. 

For Parents/Guardians: To help provide assistance to the family unit when appropriate; such as, referrals to mental health services, sharing community resources, assisting with food insecurity, and advocating for the student's safety and best interest. The school counselor is present to  assist families as they navigate the journey of raising a childre[ren]. 

For Teachers: School counselors seek to be a trusted colleague that collaborates with classroom teachers, to assist in classroom success. This is done by sharing social/emotional resources, classroom management resources, as well as individual and professional resources.

For Administrators: School counselors assist in collecting schoolwide data to inform best practice strategies. The role of a school counselor is to help administrators assess the needs of students and staff, as well as, ensure evidence-based practices are being used within the realm of school counseling.

For the Community: School counselors are partners with the local community to connect students, families, and the school to various services/resources. School counselors build connections with an array of community leaders and stay informed about community events targeted to help students. 


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