Pleasant Hill Elementary School
Crawfordsville, Indiana

Media Center


Welcome to the Pleasant Hill Library!


Your child will have the opportunity to explore the wonderful world of books one day each week in our Media Center. Here are some suggestions and information to help you and your child with this library experience.

        You can help develop a love of reading by enjoying the books with your child. Many of the books for primary aged children are best enjoyed by you reading them to your child. Other books that your child picks may be at the appropriate reading level, so encourage your student to read to you, but you can also share read, to show him your enthusiasm. Spend time with the television off so that you may enjoy reading together.

        Please remind your child to have clean hands and avoid snacks when reading library books, use a bookmark to mark her place, and turn the page from the upper left hand corner.

        Help your child find a specific place to keep the library book. It’s a good idea to return it to his backpack after it’s been read.

        Please make sure your child’s younger siblings do not write, color, or rip our library books. Damaged books must be paid for.


Remind your child to return books on time. Books need to be returned before new ones are checked out. Check out days for classes are as follows:

Monday Classes                              Friday Classes

Triplet                                       Swyers

Fultz                                         Corbolotti

Stafford                                     Stigall

Utterback                                   Dunbar

Walker                                       Starnes         

Chastain                                     Chapman

Long                                                     Clark

Book Fair

This year there are 2 Scholastic Book Fair’s scheduled. The first is the week of November 10th. This is a great time to shop for Christmas. The second Book Fair is the week of April 18th. This is a BOGO Book Fair!! For each book fair your student will have a chance to make out a wish list. Teachers also make out wish lists for their classrooms so be sure to check those out too.

Thank You,
Mrs. Wilhite                                      


Additional Media Center Information:

Destiny Online See what our Media Center has to offer. You can browse the titles and recommend books to your child.

Parent Resource Library

The Parent Resource Library has books, videos, and DVD’s available to borrow. Our collection includes topics on the following:

Attention Deficit Disorder


Childhood Development


Learning Disabilities

Parenting Skills

Self Control

Self Esteem

The Parent Resource Library is located in the front office at Pleasant Hill. You may stop in anytime during school hours to check out resources.

Young Hoosier Book Battle Competition


The Hoosier Book Battle is a literacy competition between the elementary schools of the North Montgomery School Corporation. There are two Divisions, 2/3 grade team and 4/5 grade team.

Practices for the competition will be held in April. The competition will be held in May. (Location, dates, and times TBA)

If your student in grades 2-5 is interested in joining the Book Battle Team please encourage them to start reading the Young Hoosier Books. If you need a list of books I will be more than happy to give your child a list, or I can email the list to you.



Reading Counts!

What is Reading Counts?

Reading Counts is a software program that manages and motivates independent reading. Students select a book, read it, and then take a computer-generated quiz. The Reading Counts program gives instant feedback, and also shows the progress your student has made. Points are earned for quizzes they pass.

Benefits of Reading Counts

Students will read more and become better readers. While they monitor their progress and meet attainable goats, students are recognized for their achievements along the way.

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