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Crawfordsville, Indiana
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Our Goal
The goal of our program is to provide a stimulating educational environment where children can develop and learn. 

Please read below for more information about the program.  I've also attached our handbook under pageDocs on the right hand side.

Early Learning Academy
Staff and School Hours

 The Early Learning Academy currently has two classrooms with 24 students in each class. The staff include: Teachers- Brittney Asbury and Beth Corbolotti, Instructional Assistants- Jama Abney and Kristen Carpenter, and we also have high school helpers from the North Montgomery Early Childhood class that participate in teaching the children. 

The preschool follows Pleasant Hill's school hours 7:50-2:40.  Sugar Creek and Sommer buses arrive around 8:00 and pick up those students around 2:00. 

Round Up/ Registration

The Early Learning Academy has a round up each April.  This occurs at Pleasant Hill Elementary but students are considered from all three elementaries in the North Montgomery district.  If you are interested in the program, you and your child must attend the round up.  We will then have parents fill out some paperwork  while we do a short screening with the children. 

48 students are accepted to our program.  We take students that are in most need of our program first.  A letter will be sent home by the last day of school letting families know if their child will be attending the program.

Information for the 2018 Round Up session is attached below.


Transportation is provided to all students in the North Montgomery district.  Students that will be riding the bus to Sugar Creek or Sommer will then be shuttled to PH on a different bus.  I know it's hard thinking about your little 4 year old riding a bus, but the bus drivers always make sure that our preschoolers get where they need to be safely.
Literacy Express Curriculum
The Literacy Express curriculum is tailored to children's interests, individual styles, and pace of learning.  The structured curriculum offers an opportunity for children to participate in both teacher-directed and child-directed activities. The program fosters children's self-confidence and promotes hands-on learning through:

Large Group: months, days of week, weather, counting, math/letter concepts, music, daily writing, and story time. 

Discovery:  Sand/water table, writing, blocks, dramatic play, reading corner, computer, science/discovery, math table, and puzzles.

Small Groups:  dialogic reading, hands on activities, math/letter concepts.

Centers: hands on activities, math concepts, block play, dramatic play, crafts

Special Classes: art, music, library, physical education, computer lab


Fees and Supplies
The cost is currently $50 for the year.  You will not need to buy supplies for our program.  However, your child will need to have a back pack and an extra set of clothes in a ziplock bag.  
Daily Schedule
I have attached our current class schedule below.
Birthday Parties

Many parents like to have their children celebrate birthdays with school friends.  We love to help your child celebrate!  We ask that you bring finger snacks ( cookies, brownies, bite-size cupcakes, etc) that are store bought to share with 24 students.  We will celebrate during your classes snack time.

Breakfast, Snacks, and Lunch

The school provides breakfast and lunch.  We take all the students to breakfast.  If you do not want your child eating the school's breakfast, please let the teacher know.  You may send in a cold breakfast/lunch with your child’s name on the bag. 




Dress Code and Extra Change of Clothes

We follow PH dress code.  We ask that when you are dressing your child please remember that he/she will be doing messy preschool activities (paint, glue, markers, recess, etc.).  We will go outside on all days that the weather permits.    Please send a coat, jacket, gloves, and a hat, if you think it will be cold.  All children need to bring in an extra change of clothes to be kept at school.  Please mark the clothes with your child's name and put them in a gallon size ziploc type bag labeled with the students name.

Rest Time

We do have a 45 min. rest time during the day.  Students do not have to nap, but are required to lay on their cots and rest.  Blankets and cots are provided for the students.

Classroom Expectations

 The goal for behavior in the E.L.A. is to teach students the social skills they need to interact appropriately with peers and to teach the skills needed in a school setting.  We will be working toward independence in their daily routines.

1.  Verbal Warning- Reteach

2. Logical Consequence- Reteach

3. Loss of Involvement in Desired Activities- Note Sent Home (this note will need to be signed and returned in your child's folder)

4. Office Refferal and Parent Contact


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